Gospel Rapper, D.G.W., Tackles Gun Violence In New Release, “A Reason To Cry”

Today’s current climate has inspired people to speak the sentiments of their hearts. D.G.W., an inspirational rapper, has much to say about the recent gun violence in Maryland, South Carolina and Florida. Deeply moved by the shootings and the loss of life, he decided to put his thoughts on paper – and in music. A gifted lyricist, D.G.W, also known as Da Gospel Way, penned a song called “A Reason To Cry”. It highlights the tragedies and the pain that we as a country have been experiencing. The brand new track, “A Reason To Cry”, is available for purchase on iTunesAmazon, Google Play and other digital retailers.


“In writing the song, my desire was to remind people that what’s been happening in our society isn’t just something we should be crying about, but we need to be a part of the solution,” says the Christ Records’ recording artist. Through the track, which speaks on a topic that many – on both sides of the debate – are passionate about, D.G.W. seeks to refocus the conversation back on God. Making bold declarations, D.G.W.’s “A Reason To Cry” covers topics like lack of prayer in schools and the spiritual warfare that’s taking place in our educational establishments on a daily basis. Flaunting urban styling and a grit that comes only from the streets, “A Reason To Cry” is produced by Emu.

Da Gospel Way is a favorite in his hometown of Houston, TX. A native of H-town, he grew up on artists such as The Winans, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and The Williams Brothers. With parents that were adamant about their children being raised in the church and a father who was an associate pastor, he was in church regularly. With an affinity for the drums, he began playing and rapping around the age of 7 or 8. As a teen, he got caught up with the wrong crowd and soon found his way into secular music. The environment got a little too dangerous and ultimately, after a few years, he left the mainstream side of rap because of the “negative energy”. Since that time, he’s been sold out, choosing to rap about the Lord. A producer as well, he’s been creating his own tracks and beats for the past several years. He’s released a couple of Gospel albums including 2017’s self-titled CD and is prepping for the debut of his third project.

“When I rap, I want people to hear the word, The Word of God,” says Da Gospel Way. “A lot of people don’t know the word, but through my songs, I am trying to get the word out so that when people hear it, it can change people’s lives. Because most young people today won’t pick up a Bible, I am intentional about my lyrics speaking what the Bible states, but in a way that young people will be able to relate.” For more information about D.G.W., log on to ForChristEnterprises.com. Connect with him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

SOURCE: Tehillah Enterprises, LLC – Andrea R. Williams