Wow, They Must Know Each Other Well: Trump Wipes ‘Dandruff’ Off the Shoulder of President Macron on Camera

On Tuesday, President Trump brushed dandruff off French President Emmanuel Macron‘s suit, in a show of their cozy relationship. 

‘We have a very special relationship, in fact I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off,’ Trump said Tuesday as the two leaders were seated in the Oval Office. ‘We have to make him perfect – he is perfect.’

It’s been quite le bromance between the two leaders since the Macrons arrived at the West Wing Monday afternoon.

President Emmanuel Macron pulled in President Trump for a hug and then gave him an air kiss to his left cheek.

There were double kisses between the two first ladies and also between President Trump and Brigitte Macron.

The two couples spent their first night in Washington planting a tree on the South Lawn – a gift from the French – and then taking Marine One on a helicopter ride over Washington and then to President Washington’s Mount Vernon estate located down the Potomac River in Virginia.

All throughout there were shows of affection between the presidents and the first ladies.

On Tuesday, the Macrons were back at the White House for an official welcoming ceremony.

The two leaders hugged and air kissed as they began the ceremony on the South Lawn.

‘He’s going to be a great president of France,’ Trump said as the two leaders walked to the Oval Office after the ceremony. ‘Only a prediction.’

Trump had grasped Macron’s hand during the walk, in yet another show of friendship with the French leader, who had invited the Trumps during the American president’s first six months in office to France to take in the annual Bastille Day parade.

Of course the leaders don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues, as they continue to discuss whether the U.S. will stay in the Iran nuclear deal, and stay involved in the conflict in Syria.

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Source: Daily Mail