White House Staff Complained Trump’s VA Nominee and Personal Doctor Was ‘Repeatedly Drunk While on Duty’, Handed Out Stimulants and Sleeping Pills During Obama’s Overseas Trips, and ‘Was Found Passed Out in a Hotel Room When Aides Needed His Help’

President Trump’s VA nominee and personal doctor has been accused of constantly drinking on the job, handing out prescription pills ‘like candy’ and running a hostile work environment.

Navy doctor Ronny Jackson is also believed to have banged on a female employee’s door during an overseas trip with President Obama after a heavy night of drinking.

The woman was ‘unconformable’ with the incident and it got so noisy that Secret Service were forced to intervene so he wouldn’t wake anyone up, CNN reported.

It is believed to be one of many reported incidents that is putting his confirmation in jeopardy.

Montana Sen. Jon Tester told NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ on Tuesday afternoon that his committee’s research turned up allegations of the type that can derail Cabinet nominees.

‘He is the physician for the president, and in the previous administration,’ Tester said, recalling that Dr. Ronny Jackson served more than a decade at the White House. ‘We were told stories where he was repeatedly drunk while on duty – where his main job was to take care of the most powerful man in the world.’

Tester also told CNN that Jackson has the nickname ‘the Candy Man’ because he hands out pills ‘like candy’.

Jackson was also found passed out drunk in his hotel during an overseas trip under Obama’s trip when aides needed him for medical assistance, the New York Times reported.

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Source: Daily Mail