There Is a Devil Loose – Married Villanova University Assistant VP Is Ambushed and Killed in Murder-Suicide ‘Carried Out by a Jealous Wife Who Believed the Victim Was Having Sex With Her Husband’

A jealous wife shot and killed her husband’s lover in an ambush, then turned the gun on herself, after she found out about their affair.

Cops found the bodies of Villanova University Assistant Vice President Meredith Chapman, 33, and Jennair Gerardot, 48, at a home in Radnor Township .

According to neighbors, Meredith, who was married to former Newark City Councilman Luke Chapman for nearly a decade, had just moved in a week ago at the start of her new job.

Police in Radnor Township revealed on Tuesday that Meredith was having an affair with Jennair’s husband, Mark, who had served as creative director at University of Delaware and was Meredith’s subordinate.

Mark and Meredith were supposed to meet up for dinner on Monday night, but the woman never made it to the restaurant.

While he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive, Mark began receiving disturbing text messages from his wife, which led him to Meredith’s home, according to police.

Officers who responded to Meredith’s home were met by Mark, who warned them that his wife might be inside the residence. reported earlier that Jennair suspected that her husband was cheating on her with Meredith, so she decided to take revenge on her by ambushing her.

The woman had broken into the three-story brick house on Lowry Lane while Meredith was away, picked up the shards of glass to cover her tracks and waited for the victim to return.

When Meredith opened the door, police say Jennair opened fire, killing her, and then committed suicide.

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Source: Daily Mail