Prosecution Skewers Bill Cosby for Laughing in Court, Says ‘There’s Nothing Funny About Stripping a Woman of Her Capacity to Consent.’

The prosecution in Bill Cosby’s retrial for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand lambasted the disgraced actor for laughing in court during an impassioned closing statement on Tuesday. 

Special prosecutor Kristen Feden turned to Cosby where he sat and said: ‘And he’s laughing like it’s fun. But there’s nothing funny about stripping a woman of her capacity to consent.

‘There’s nothing funny about that Mr Cosby. And there’s nothing funny about five different women – plus Miss Constand, six – being incapacitated, being stripped of their autonomy.

‘There’s nothing funny about no permission there’s nothing funny about sexually assaulting an individual.’

Speaking outside the court Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt dismissed special prosecutor Feden’s allegation that Cosby had laughed during closing.

He said, ‘This was a serious moment. She had to distract the jurors from the weakness of her case.’

The rows of courtroom benches at Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, creaked as the gallery moved as one and strained to see Cosby where he sat, pummeled by Feden’s fury.

Camille, Cosby’s wife of more than five decades, smiled as she and her disgraced comedian husband walked in to the courthouse together ahead of closing arguments.

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Source: Daily Mail