One of the Greatest Actors Alive, Damian Lewis, Is Absolutely Unrecognizable as He Dons a Fatsuit to Play Crack-smoking Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Damian Lewis has completely transformed to portray former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in his next film, ‘Run This Town’. 

On set in Toronto on Monday, the usually svelte British actor was utterly unrecognizable as he walked around in a fat suit and a thick layer of make-up and prosthetics.

Lewis, the star of Showtime’s Billions who broke out in America as Nick Brody on Homeland, was perhaps an unlikely choice to take on the crack-smoking mayor, since the obese Ford was about 150 pounds heavier than him.

In an interview with Kit Magazine earlier this month, Lewis said he was being fitted for a prosthetic so he could bulk up his physique to play Ford.

Lewis said the process takes an entire afternoon and involves ‘getting his face and head completely covered in silicon strips, breathing through a small hole near the nose’.

According to its IMBD description, ‘Run This Town’ is currently being produced in Toronto and follows ‘the inner workings of a city seen through the eyes of the interns and assistants that run it’.

Although many of the details have not been revealed, what is known is that the film follows a reporter, played by Ben Platt, working to expose a politician – Ford – who is deep in scandal.

Meanwhile the politician’s aides, played by Nina Dobrev and Mena Massoud, try to handle their boss and keep the story from getting out.

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Source: Daily Mail