‘The Middle’ Co-Stars Patricia Heaton & Jen Ray Visit Refugees in Uganda With World Vision

After wrapping up the series finale of the ABC show “The Middle,” actresses Patricia Heaton and Jen Ray traveled with the evangelical humanitarian aid agency World Vision to serve South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

On Saturday, Heaton, an outspoken Christian conservative, posted a video on her Facebook page showing her reading prayers that fans sent for her to encourage a 14-year-old refugee child named Victor.

Heaton, who plays the character Frankie Heck on “The Middle,” recently visited with Victor during the trip with World Vision.

Victor is now the caretaker of his three siblings after having to flee South Sudan in 2016 without his parents when violence broke out in their area. Since December of 2013, brutal conflict in South Sudan has driven nearly four million people from their homes.

According to the agency, Victor and his siblings lost contact with their parents when the fighting occured and Victor was forced to take on the role no older brother ever wants to take on.

Without their parents, Victor and the siblings walked for over two weeks and were forced to eat anything they could get their hands on as they sought safety. Thanks to help from World Vision, Victor and his siblings are now being aided by a foster family and have returned to school.

Earlier this month, Heaton posted a request to her Facebook page seeking prayers for Victor and his siblings.

“Send a prayer for Victor below, and I will read them to him IN PERSON this week!” Heaton wrote on in an April 10 Facebook post.

In the video posted Saturday, Heaton read several of the 700 prayers she received in just a 24-hour time span for Victor.

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Source: Christian Post