New Film ‘The Heart Of Nuba’ Tells Story of Christian Doctor Who Risked Life to Serve in War-Torn Sudan

A newly released film titled, “The Heart Of Nuba” tells the story of Catholic Relief Services doctor Tom Catena who serves as a missionary to the children and adults of the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan as they endure the bombing attacks in the region.

Catena is the only surgeon within 200 miles of that region. The gripping documentary shows how he single-handedly cares for the one million Nuba people with a small set of helpers who he is training up, while also running the Mother of Mercy Hospital in southern Sudan’s remote Nuba Mountains.

The oil-rich region has been terrorized since 2011 by aerial bombings sent by the nation’s president, indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir. The bombings have resulted in multiple deaths, destruction and displacement. The film claims the president’s goal is to extinguish the Nuba people who he considers rebels because of the complexion of their skin.

Unfortunately, there is also a lack of humanitarian aid for the besieged people. However, Catena is determined to make due with what he has in an effort to save lives. From start to finish, two things remain constant — the doctor’s faith (which is seen as he prays and reads the Bible) and his love for the Nuba people.

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Source: Christian Post