‘Fearless Girl’ Statue is Moving to the Stock Exchange

Fearless Girl is on the move.

The much-beloved statue will depart her perch opposite the iconic Charging Bull to stare down some new scenery: The New York Stock Exchange, the Daily News has learned.

City Hall and the financial services firm that commissioned Fearless Girl, State Street Global Advisors, will announce the move Thursday.

“Our goal is to promote the power of having women in leadership, and placing her right next to the New York Stock Exchange is really the perfect metaphor,” Cyrus Taraporevala, president and CEO of State Street Global Advisors, told The News.

The move comes as the city and the company sought a more permanent home for the popular statue — and one with fewer safety issues than her current spot in a Bowling Green median, which gets overrun with onlookers who often stand in the busy street.

Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen said the city wanted a more pedestrian-friendly location that was downtown and retained the symbolic power of the original.

“What could be more important than the sort of epicenter of corporate power?” Glen asked. “And clearly, the Fearless Girl was built to talk about that.”

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Jillian Jorgensen