Lead Other Girls to the Lord, by Danita Whyte, with Danae, Daniqua, and Danyelle Whyte

Once you have accepted Christ as your Savior, it is very important that you lead other girls to the Lord. If you have peace and joy from accepting Jesus as your Savior then God wants you to share that same peace and joy with other girls.

A great way to serve the Lord is by witnessing and leading other girls to the Lord. Before you can do that you have to make sure that you are living the way that God wants you to live. If the other girls don’t see Christ’s love in you and you are miserable, mean, and unkind to them, then they are not going to want to accept Christ as their Savior.

If you are too shy or don’t know how to approach them just give them a tract and pray that the Lord will touch their hearts to accept Him. Also, before you go out to witness to other girls, ask God to help you and give you the patience and love to win other girls to Him. Also, ask Him to soften other girls’ hearts to accept Him as their Savior.

Don’t give up if some girls keep on saying that they don’t need Jesus and all of that kind of stuff. Keep on trying patiently and lovingly to win them to Him. Don’t bug them a lot about it because they might bring it up themselves one day.

As a Christian, it is very important that you witness to other girls. When you are with Jesus in Heaven, and you see all of the other girls whom you have won to Him, you will certainly be glad that you did!

“And He said unto them, go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” – Mark 16:15–16

God’s Speed, Indeed!

The salvation of a single soul is more important than the production or preservation of all the epics and tragedies in the world.
– C.S. Lewis