Catholic University of Portland Tennis Player Removed from Team After Disgusting Speech About Sex and ‘Getting White Women to Sleep With Brown Men’

Goutham Sundaram
Goutham Sundaram

Goutham Sundaram has been removed from the University of Portland men’s tennis team after delivering a misogynistic and violent speech during the school’s annual Wally Awards.

Sundaram’s remarks came during the fifth annual banquet Sunday evening, a night meant to honor the student-athletes and their community within the Pilots’ program.

Instead, Sundaram regaled the audience that included the school president, athletic director, coaches and players with a speech filled with remarks about his lack of sexual conquests, his right to sex and how his entire time at Portland was really about getting white women to sleep with brown men, according to an op-ed piece in the school newspaper The Beacon.

Olivia Sanchez, the news and managing editor of The Beacon and a three-year rower, walked out of the banquet, along with several others.

She wrote that Sundaram introduced himself and said he was going to “make the stage (his) locker room.”

He said his teammates engaged in more sexual intercourse than he and continued to draw a parallel between that and being white. “Go brown and turn your frown upside down,” Sundaram said often, according to Sanchez.

He also told the story of his parents, who immigrated from India, and how that would be worth it only if he could “hook up with a white girl.”

School president Fr. Mark Poorman, who was seated near the front, never tried to stop Sundaram or go up on stage, according to Sanchez.

When Sundaram said “Gandhi didn’t fast for twenty days so that I could get to America and not sleep with white women,” many people began to leave.

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SOURCE: Heather Tucker