Popular Youtuber Makes Video Mocking Christian Teen for Sharing Her Faith

Many Christians are calling on YouTube to remove a video made by a popular YouTuber who goes by the name Cinnamon Toast Ken in which he makes fun of a Christian teenage girl who talks about Bible study and her love for Jesus.

YouTube.Wikia says Cinnamon Toast Ken (real name Kenneth Charles Morrison) rose to internet fame for uploading gaming videos that went viral. He has millions of followers on both YouTube and Twitter. On March 20 he uploaded an 11-minute video titled, “Crazy Girl Obsessed With Jesus,” in which he ruthlessly makes fun of Emma Mae Jenkins for her looks and religious convictions.

Although Morrison’s video violates YouTube’s harassment and cyberbullying policy, YouTube hasn’t taken it down.

Pastor Jarrid Wilson of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, California, shared a report about Morrison’s video which has led to many Christians urging YouTube to remove it.

Wilson, who serves under Pastor Greg Laurie, recently invited Jenkins on his podcast to discuss how she’s dealing with the cyberbullying.

“God will place you where He entrusts you with His name. I fully believe that I have been given the opportunity to be living in a generation where we have Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat — all these ways we have to pour into people we are not even with,” she said.

“If I use my social media just to post pictures of myself and see how many likes I get, then I’ve completely missed the point,” Jenkins added.

However, the teen admitted that she receives a lot of online abuse which isn’t easy to deal with.

“I am human and words are powerful,” she said. “You either have the power to speak life or speak death over someone. To receive those words that I’m not pretty, and that I’m not here for a reason, or that I need to not live anymore — especially being a girl too with insecurities — Satan will definitely use that and highlight it. I will sometimes take a second look in the mirror.”

“That’s when it becomes so important that I have God’s Word so deeply ingrained in who I am, because that’s not true,” Jenkins said. “It is so crucial to have God’s word everywhere. Have it engraved upon your heart.”

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Source: Christian Post