New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Announces Multi-Ethnic Initiative Designed to Diversify Community

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary announced a multiethnic initiative designed to diversify the seminary community and a tuition cap plan during its spring trustee meeting on April 12.

Trustees approved a $23.4 million dollar budget, four new master of arts in missiology specializations, new undergraduate training sites and faculty promotions. In addition, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission President Russell Moore was named visiting professor of theology and ethics, and Liberty University apologist Gary Habermas was named as visiting professor of apologetics.

NOBTS President Chuck Kelley introduced the multiethnic initiative, which he calls “Different Voices,” during the presidential report. The goal of the initiative is the increase in minority representation in every layer of the seminary community — students, staff and faculty.

Initial plans include workshops for minority students seeking a ministry in Southern Baptist Convention academics and a doctoral fellowship for minority students. As the plan was developed, Kelley met with minority students to share ideas and receive feedback. Kelley said the group wholeheartedly endorsed the name of the initiative and continues to offer suggestions to help the initiative succeed.

In support of “Different Voices,” board chairman Frank Cox appointed John Foster to lead the instruction committee for the NOBTS board of trustees.

Foster, retired educator who holds a doctorate, is a member of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans. Foster became the first African American to lead the school’s instruction committee.

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Source: Baptist Press