Actor Stephen Baldwin Says ‘God Doesn’t Need a Revival’: Power of the Holy Spirit Is Never Ending

Outspoken Christian and Oscar-nominated actor Stephen Baldwin attended The National Religious Broadcasters Proclaim 2018 conference last month where he shared a word he received from God about revival during a time in prayer.

“The greatest need for revival in my mind — this is something that the Lord showed me the other day — I got this from the Holy Spirit in a prayer time. Every revival has always just been a reminder,” Baldwin told The Christian Post in an interview at the conference where he was promoting the upcoming movie, “Staines.”

The film is based on a true story about missionary Graham Staines who was martyred in India in 1999.

Inspired by the many Christian leaders at the NRB conference and his character in the movie, Baldwin said he felt led to elaborate on the topic of revival, which many evangelicals preach about.

“See, God doesn’t need a revival, the Holy Spirit doesn’t need a revival!” he passionately exclaimed. “Did the Holy Spirit operate in a certain frequency of strength and then suddenly go down again? Is the Holy Spirit somewhere resting on a beach getting His strength back so that He can come back and create a revival? No!”

“The Holy Spirit is always who He is, and He is the never-ending, immeasurable power of God and we just need to be reminded of that,” Baldwin added.

The New York native stressed that God shared with him that revival is always available, but the issue is Christians need to be reminded that it’s accessible.

“For me, my message is [to] anybody that’s shouting about a revival: ‘Just remember, God’s never changed.’ We just need to be reminded of that power and then we wouldn’t be questioning, nervous or scared about our calling,” Baldwin said.

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Source: Christian Post