Bertha L. Young, Founder of Holy Trinity Church of Christ Disciples in Philadelphia, Dies at 86

Bertha L. Young
Bertha L. Young

Elder Bertha L. Young, the founder of the Holy Church of Christ Disciples, died on Monday, April 2, 2018. She was 86.

She was born on Aug. 25, 1931 to the late Elvin and Elizabeth Young in Newark, Md. She was the fourth of nine children. Her mother died she was just 12 years old. Later her father moved to Philadelphia with the eight younger children. Her oldest sister was married and remained in Maryland.

She later met and married the late Willie Lee Young. They enjoyed life together raising their three children.

Young did restaurant work for 19 years. This was something she was very good at. The owners of the restaurant grew to depend on her to keep things running smoothly.

She always made time for family and made sure all of her nieces and nephews felt special. Even in her later years, she remembered all of their birthdays.

On March 17, 1961 she gave her life to the Lord at a revival her older brother Alvin was running, and she became a member of Shiloh Church of Christ Disciples. She was a faithful member of the church. Young started preaching in 1964 and had the true spirit of an evangelist that remained with her throughout her life.

She would not hesitate to go into homes, hospitals and nursing homes to visit and pray with the sick and shut in. Her family said preaching in the “street meeting” was her cup of tea. Her voice would ring out in the streets, with or without a microphone. Her main goal was to help everyone she came in contact with to know the God she served.

With the blessing of her Pastor Elder Gertrude Dickerson, she established Holy Trinity Church of Christ Disciples in 1982. She pastored there for 25 years and her nephew, Bishop James F. Anderson served as her assistant pastor for a period of time.

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SOURCE: Ayana Jones
The Philadelphia Tribune