Ryan Bomberger Shares How His Mom Ended Relationship With Her Racist Father to Adopt Him

Pro-life activist and Emmy Award-winning creative professional Ryan Bomberger opened up Monday about the personal sacrifice that his white adoptive mother and father had to make when they decided to bring him into their family as a 6-week-old biracial child conceived in rape.

Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, shared the history of the Bomberger family while speaking during a Heritage Foundation panel discussion on the need to protect faith-based adoption agencies from efforts to banish them in certain states and localities because they do not place children with same-sex couples.

Bomberger’s parents, Andrea and Henry Bomberger, have a total 13 children in their family. An astonishing 10 were adopted through faith-based adoption agencies.

“My parents had a heart for adoption. It actually started with my mom who was placed in a children’s home [when she] was five years old,” Bomberger said. “She had an alcoholic father and her parents were separating. So for a year’s time, she lived in a children’s home.”

It was during her time in the children’s home that Andrea Bomberger noticed one little girl with physical disabilities who was never visited by anyone. While Bomberger’s mom was visited by her mother and father, this girl seemingly had nobody that wanted to see her.

“It’s amazing because we underestimate how much a young child receives and perceives and yet this 5-year-old girl, my mom, was so impacted by the fact that this girl was never visited by anyone,” Bomberger said. “She just remembers getting down on her knees and saying, ‘God, help me be a mommy to those that don’t have one.'”

Andrea Bomberger did just that shortly after Bomberger was born in 1971. But at the time, it was not as socially accepted as it is now to place a black child in the custody of white parents.

In fact, Bomberger said that at the time, the National Association of Black Social Workers even decreed in the early 1970s that “a black child should never be placed in a white home for any reason.”

Bomberger is thankful that his parents and the faith-based adoption agency they went through defied that decree. However, Bomberger stated that his mother’s decision to adopt him did not come without consequence.

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Source: Christian Post