Here We Go: Voters Reject Transgender Bathroom Proposition for First Time in Anchorage, Alaska

A first in the nation, voters in the largest city in Alaska have rejected a proposition to require city facilities to have separate bathrooms and changing areas for biological males and females, and allow private organizations to establish their own bathroom policies.

Voters in Anchorage narrowly voted down last week an effort to repeal the city’s discrimination ordinance that requires places of public accommodation to separate bathrooms, locker rooms and other sensitive areas based upon biological sex rather than gender identity.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, “its the first of over 200 so-called ‘bathroom proposals’ from across the country to be rejected directly by voters.”

If it had become law, Proposition 1 would have required all multiple occupancy changing facilities and restrooms owned by the city to be used only by “persons of the same sex,” except in maintenance situations and when parents are helping young children.

The proposition defined sex as an individual’s “immutable biological condition of being male or female” that is determined by “anatomy and genetics at the time of birth.”

The measure would have also allowed employers to set their own bathroom policies and would have been similar to the controversial “bathroom bill” enacted in the state of North Carolina in 2016.

The measure was put forward by critics of the city’s ordinance, which was passed over two years ago. The Alaskan Family Council contends that the ordinance put women and girls in danger because it allows perverts to use the guise of transgenderism to access sensitive areas.

“This intrusive and dangerous ordinance forces everyone – even private facilities like athletic clubs – to open their restrooms, changing rooms, and showers to members of both biological sexes. Similar laws have been passed in other cities and states – opening a Pandora’s box of problems,” the Yes On Prop 1 website explains.

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Source: Christian Post