Here We Go: Transgender Sex Robots in Mass Demand

Transgender sex dolls are being mass produced in China to meet demand (file image)

THE soaring demand for transgender sex robots is being driven by adventurous couples keen to experiment in the bedroom, a sex expert has told Sun Online.

Transgender dolls with male and female genitalia are being shipped across the world as the global market booms.

DS Dolls, a firm based in Dalian, north-west China, is also offering its customers “penis and vagina attachments” for the trans robots and reckons the move will appeal to the female market.

But Sari Cooper, a sex therapist and sex coach, told Sun Online they will instead allow straight men to copy what they see in their favourite porn and let kinky couples have fun in the bedroom.

She said: “It is not surprising to see the rise in popularity of transgender dolls.

“Specifically, heterosexual men will use transgender dolls because a very large proportion of them are interested in transgender porn.

“I think, given that it [transgender porn] is of particular interest to heterosexual men rather than women, transgender dolls will work for more adventurous couples.

“If women are interested in strap-ons for instance, they may want to use those with the dolls.

“There are people who are interested in transgender porn who may want to re-enact what they see in that porn with these dolls. They may want to go swinging together, or go and visit a dungeon for instance.

“I am in wonderment about the ways people are curious for novelty. It reflects the porn we see.”

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SOURCE: The Sun – Bradley Jolly