Egyptian Christian Leaders Say Many Are Coming to Christ Despite Church Bombings and Persecution

Christian leaders in Egypt have said that multitudes are coming to Christ despite the church bombings and persecution believers suffer, noting that people in the West often don’t see or hear about such “heavenly” news.

The Rev. Sameh Hanna, associate pastor at the Evangelical Church in Cairo, was among a number of believers to speak with Premier on Monday, marking the first year since the Palm Sunday twin bombings in the country that left 45 people dead and 126 injured.

“The mood is very, very good amongst Christians who are living in Egypt. Not because the situation is good or bad — that is not the reason. We have two kinds of news — earthly news, which is very ugly, very discouraging and I think in the West, you get only the earthly news — a bombing here or there,” Hanna said.

“But there is heavenly news. We know what is going on spiritually. We see things that not everybody is seeing. We see things you are not hearing. We see the multitude coming to the knowledge of Christ from every background, so this brings joy to us.”

The Rev. Andrea Zaki Stephanous, president of the Protestant Community of Egypt, added that believers know further attacks by the Islamic State terror group or other extremists can happen at church.

“When security knows I’m going to a certain church there will be double security, but you never know. You can expect at any moment that someone will come with a bomb and create a massacre. So every day we trust God and we go,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post