Vatican Arrests Priest and Ex-Diplomat Recalled Over Child Pornography Claims

The Vatican says its police have arrested a priest who was recalled from its U.S. embassy last year after the U.S. State Department accused him of violating child pornography laws. In a statement issued Saturday, the Vatican identified the priest as Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella and said he’d been arrested on a warrant from the Holy See’s chief magistrate following an investigation. No details were given on the findings of the investigation. The State Department had sounded the alarm over Capella’s alleged misconduct last August and pushed for his diplomatic immunity to be waived to pave the way for a prosecution. At that time, the Vatican refused to lift immunity but promised to conduct an investigation after recalling the monsignor to Rome. Capella’s reported arrest comes as the Catholic Church continues to face criticism for its handling of sexual abuse allegations against members of the clergy, with critics saying the Vatican has done more to cover up abuse scandals than it has to punish the alleged perpetrators.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast