Indiana Approves Oversight of Abortion Centers & Fetal Homicide Law

Indiana now numbers among the majority of states that require annual inspections of abortion centers and classify the murder of an unborn baby as homicide.

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the two pieces of pro-life legislation last week, drawing approval from pro-life advocates and ire from abortion supporters. The first bill expands the state’s safe haven law, establishes annual inspections for abortion centers — something already required in 27 other states — and mandates all medical doctors report treatment they give women for complications due to abortion, including infections and anxiety.

Rep. Sue Errington, a Democrat, criticized the bill: “It seems to me that this is an attempt to make this appear like a dangerous procedure, and it’s not.”

But pro-life advocates point to abortion centers’ frequent violations of health and safety standards as proof they need oversight.

Americans United for Life said in a statement it is “thrilled” Holcomb signed the bill into law. The group’s model legislation, the Abortion Reporting Act, influenced Indiana’s bill, which ensures “complete and reliable data on the risks of abortion is available to women, the medical community, and the general public,” the group wrote.

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Source: Baptist Press