Judge Dismisses DA’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Accuser in Cosby Sexual Assault Case

A Philadelphia judge has thrown out a former prosecutor’s defamation lawsuit against the accuser in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case.

Judge Ann Butchart on Tuesday dismissed the lawsuit against Andrea Constand and two of her lawyers by Bruce Castor Jr.

Castor claimed Constand and her lawyers harmed his reputation and cost him a chance to return as district attorney by criticizing him and suing him for defamation days before the 2015 election.

Castor was DA in 2005 when Constand first told police that Cosby had drugged and molested her. Castor ended his investigation into Cosby after four weeks, announcing the comedian wouldn’t be charged because the evidence showed both parties “could be held in less than a flattering light.”

Castor’s lawsuit said Cosby paid Constand “well into the millions of dollars” in a civil settlement.

Source: Associated Press