John Perkins Says Black and White Churches Have to Stop ‘Yelling at Each Other’; ‘We Gotta Go Back and Believe the Gospel’

Reflecting on the civil rights movement 50 years after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., Bible teacher and civil rights activist John Perkins gave the evangelical church low marks on racial reconciliation and said calling a white man a racist is just like calling him the N-word.

“We are locked captive to our culture. And we are now yelling at each other … When I call a white man a racist, it’s just like calling me a n***er and what we are doing today, we’re just saying n***er, n***er, n***er. We can’t go on. What we’ve got in front of us is genocide and suicide and drug addiction because the contradiction is too much to live with. We gotta go back and believe the Gospel,” Perkins said in a message to black and white churches.

The 87-year-old made the remarks Tuesday during a conversation with Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, at a conference billed “MLK50: Gospel Reflections From the Mountaintop” in Memphis, Tennessee. It was jointly organized by the ERLC and The Gospel Coalition and ends on Wednesday.

Perkins, whose new book One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race was released on Tuesday, drummed a message from his book that racism won’t end in America until the church is reconciled first and the time is right to do that now.

“I just told you what ‘One Blood’ is about. You can no longer issue out dignity by amendments and programs. Programs should come out of the reflection of who we are before God. That don’t affirm our dignity. It keeps the rich feeling that they are still superior in life,” he insisted.

“We can’t go forward anymore without that (the Gospel). It’s genocide. White folks are killing each other in theaters, churches, and we as black folks are killing each other with handguns. We are on a genocide mission because we have believed a lie. We have believed that [there is] more than one human race and we have locked that human race in all of our cultures,” he explained.

Perkins noted that when he became a Christian, one of the privileges he had was the experience of being discipled by a multicultural group of Christians. He lamented, however, that the church wasn’t doing a good job of discipling today and it had resulted in the identity crisis modern-day American Christians now face.

“We don’t like equality. We want to be first and so sin is made up out of our own temptation. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. And the pride of life makes me and my race and your race. It’s only one race and that’s the human race,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post