New Jersey Father, 28, Is Found Guilty of Murder After ‘Leaving His Two-year-old Son to Die’ When He Crashed His Getaway Car After Attempting to Rob a Walmart

A father from New Jersey has been found guilty of murder after allegedly leaving his two-year-old son to die after a multi-car crash. 

Christopher Kuhn, from Hamilton, was convicted Wednesday of third-degree murder and other charges in the death of his son, Qadan Trievel, CBS 3 reported.

Prosecutors said the 28-year-old brought his son with him as he attempted to steal $228 worth of television speakers from a Walmart in Levittown, Pennsylvania last October.

When he was unsuccessful he apparently fled the scene with the toddler in tow, and ended up in a deadly multiple-vehicle crash while attempting to drive his getaway car.

Kuhn ran a red light and collided with two other vehicles, rolling over in the process.

The toddler was then ejected from the car and into the road, fracturing his skull, a statement from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office said.

But instead of rushing to help his ailing son, police said Kuhn stepped over the little boy before running away from the scene.

‘After the collision, Kuhn paced briefly near his son’s motionless body, then took off running as police approached,’ the statement said.

Police raced after the father and arrested him.

Qadan was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police said he wasn’t wearing a safety seat.

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Source: Daily Mail