‘Black Panther’ Crosses Two Big Box Office Milestones

Black Panther continues its climb up the box office charts.

The Disney/Marvelsuperhero film has officially now crossed two big box office milestones: Domestically, with a box office tally of $652.5M, it officially surpassed Jurassic World ($652.3M) to become the No. 4 movie of all-time. And, globally it passed Frozen’s $1,276.5M to step into the Top Ten movies of all time. It has grossed $1.279.2M to date. And with $626.7M under its belt internationally, it is also the highest grossing superhero film that features a solo superhero.

Both domestically and around the globe, Black Panther has been the Wakanda wonder since releasing on Feb. 16. It opened domestically to a whopping $202M and by mid-March was already at the $600M domestically. It accomplished a feat that another Marvel Universe film also had not achieved — it was No. 1 at the box office for five consecutive weeks after its release. The last film to spend five weeks in a row at the top was Avatar, which ruled for seven weeks in 2009-10.
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Source: Deadline