WATCH: In Easter Sermon, Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Calls Fraud Indictment ‘Just a Painful Pit Stop On the Way to a Promised Land’

Houston Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell used part of his Easter sermon to reiterate his innocence after accusations by federal authorities last week that he defrauded investors of millions of dollars in exchange for Chinese bonds that had no value.

Caldwell, the senior pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in southwest Houston, and Gregory Alan Smith, a former broker and financial planner, face nine violations from the Securities and Exchange Commission out of Louisiana.

According to court documents, Caldwell and Smith duped at least 29 people into buying bonds for a total of $3.4 million between April 2013 and August 2014.

On Sunday, Caldwell told his congregation what he told the media on Friday – he has proof that the bonds are legitimate and refunds have been given to any investor who asked for one.

“When you’re on your way to a promised land, sometimes you have a painful pit stop, and this is just that – a pit stop,” Caldwell said, as the church cheered.

Caldwell’s attorney, Dan Cogdell, also spoke to the church, saying it was his honor to represent the pastor, and that his client will be proved innocent.

“I know the truth, and the truth will set him free,” Cogdell said.

Caldwell said there was one accusation that bothered him more than the others.

“The one that, frankly, perturbs me most is the (accusation) that I took advantage of people,” Caldwell said. “I’ve spent 36 years helping people, not hurting people.”

Caldwell ended his message by thanking the congregation for its support and he asked for continued prayers for his family.

SOURCE: Aaron Barker