Rev. Nathaniel Williams Celebrates 60 Years as Pastor of Houston’s Historically Black Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Nathaniel Floyd Williams Sr.
Rev. Nathaniel Floyd Williams Sr.

One of Houston’s oldest historically black churches is celebrating a milestone for a pastor who grew up at the church and served its members for 60 years.

Church members of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the 60th anniversary for the Rev. Nathaniel Floyd Williams Sr.

Williams Sr. is the son of the Rev. M.C. Williams who served the church for 28 years before he passed away.

“I was raised in this church and this community. I rode horses in this community. I played and went to school in this community,” said Williams Sr.

The church is located on Beal St. in the little Acres Homes neighborhood in Northwest Houston. Though Nathaniel Floyd grew up there, he would end up working in several towns including Beaumont, before he was called back to his hometown.

“I never wanted to pastor at my home church,” Williams Sr. said. “I wanted to pastor out of state of somewhere else.”

But for a man whose father and grandfather were religious leaders, God’s plan was to call William Sr. back home. His father, M.C. Williams passed away in 1958. The church would call upon William Sr. to come back and take over the church after his father’s death.

“My father was a community activist, and it was thrust upon me that this church was somewhat of the guiding light for community changes and things like that,” Nathaniel Floyd said.

Williams Sr. sought out to build relationships, fight for his community and combat crime.

“My inspiration was to be sure to make the community great,” Williams Sr. said.

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SOURCE: Rose-Ann Aragon