Wow! The Lengths People Will Go to to Shame, Hurt, and Embarrass This President

Activists took over a room in New York City‘s swanky Trump International Hotel as part of an unauthorized protest involving an impersonator of the president and boxes of live rats.

‘When they are hungry enough, rats will eat anything, even their rat king,’ the anonymous group, called INDECLINE, said in a statement.

The art installation, ‘The People’s Prison’ was secretly set up in a suite inside the president’s flagship hotel near Central Park on Thursday.

When asked why they decided to use rats for the project, the group told ‘President Trump is the ultimate rat and thus, deserves to be imprisoned with his own breed.’

After checking into the hotel, the group quickly began dismantling the suite, removing paintings and furniture and placing it all in the bedroom.

Seven masked artists put up temporary wallpaper and built a five-foot-by-eight cage to make the place look like a grungy prison.

Inside the cage, a handcuffed Trump impersonator sat surrounded by rats and McDonald’s food wrappers.

INDECLINE also lined up the walls with portraits of ‘American revolutionaries’ such as whistle-blower Edward Snowden, Muhammad Ali on American flags.

The portraits were painted by more than a dozen pre-selected American artists.

A video published by INDECLINE showed the activists setting up the project as speeches from iconic American figures such as writer Hunter S. Thompson play in the background.

‘America could’ve been a fantastic monument to all the best instincts of the human race,’ the writer is heard saying.

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Source: Daily Mail