Fox Considering Bringing Back Conservative Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ After ‘Roseanne’ Ratings Success

Tim Allen could be headed back to network TV, and, if that happens, he might have “Roseanne” to thank.

Tim’s “Last Man Standing” was canceled last year, much to the dismay of its fans. Many wondered aloud if the cancellation was due to Tim’s well-documented real life conservative views, and his conservative character on the show.

Based on the massive ratings that “Roseanne” got on its debut, totaling 18.2 million viewers, clearly there is a huge group of people ready to embrace a conservative comedy show. Roseanne’s character is a proud supporter of Donald Trump and conservative values, just as she is in real life.

Due to the success of “Roseanne,” TMZ reported on March 29 that FOX is seriously considering rebooting “Last Man Standing,” which was originally aired on ABC.

Many Twitter users seem to be onboard, too.

“Let’s bring back Last Man Standing,” one person tweeted.

Another said, “Maybe someone will bring back ‘Last Man Standing.'”

“I love the new Roseanne and I am so happy that there is a show that is helping and promoting the Trump supporter side but where is the fight and support for [Tim Allen] for ‘Last Man Standing’ I want justice for his show to come back I would love for both to be on!,” a passionate fan said.

Some seemed to point to the irony of one conservative-leaning show succeeding while another was dropped.

“The show was great, but wasn’t the last man standing cancelled for the same type of views on politics?,” one person said.

When ABC initially canceled “Last Man Standing,” it denied that it was given the boot because of politics.

At the time, Tim said he was “stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years.”

Last August, he told Fox News, “The support from all the fans to bring back ‘Last Man Standing’ is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated. I, along with the talented writers, wonderful crew and terrific actors, would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back as there is so much gas left in the tank, more to be said, and laughs to be had.”

SOURCE: Wonderwall – Mark Gray