Beth Moore Says Evangelical Christianity Is in Need of Reform & Repentance

A popular Christian evangelist and author is imploring the church to repent, saying Christians remain in defense mode when in truth they are “blowing it” and should cry out to God.

In a thread of posts on Twitter Tuesday, Beth Moore, voiced her frustration, asking: “Why on God’s green earth are we expending untold energy still defending ourselves when we could just repent of placing trust in man to save & champion us, defend our principles & meanwhile keep us privileged & empowered instead of trusting God to help us? How hard is it to repent?”

“I think some of us haven’t had enough practice at colossally blowing it,” she said.

“Listen, I’m not an expert on many things but I am an expert on colossally blowing it. It’s not hard to repent. You just get down on your face and go, God, I’ve colossally blown it. I’m so sorry. Please help.”

Evangelical Christianity is in “humiliating need of reform,” Moore continued, saying she believes such change is possible in her lifetime.

“Yet all that stands between us & an astonishing work of the Holy Spirit is repentance. Quit being scared of rocking a boat that has run aground on an island of compromise. Walk on water.”

Moore, who heads Living Proof Ministries and is the author of several books, took her own advice, posting in a separate tweet thread a mere two hours later several prayers of repentance. Moore repented and asked for forgiveness for the ways in which she has contributed to and been complicit in misogyny and sexism in the church by her “cowardly and inordinate deference to male leaders in order to survive” instead of respecting them as brothers in Christ.

She also wrote a tweet asking God to forgive her for being passive, for thinking it was sufficient to merely say and believe “I’m not racist” with regard to racial injustices in society, and for being complicit in and contributing to racism and white supremacy by benefiting from a system that was unjust toward people of color.

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Source: Christian Post