WATCH: The Potter’s House of Fort Worth Pastor Releases Statement After Church Volunteer Posts Videos on Facebook Detailing How Church Elders Held her to the Floor and Refused to Let her Leave Room During Dispute

The Potter’s House of Fort Worth pastor, Patrick E. Winfield II, released the following statement via the church’s Facebook page addressing an “unfortunate situation” that occurred before service on Sunday, March 25th, 2018, which involved a 22-year-old ministry volunteer (Audrey Stevenson) and several church officials, including at least one church elder. The incident, centered around a dispute which led to Stevenson being briefly held to the floor and in a room against her will, was captured on camera and posted online to Stevenson’s social media page. Video of the incident itself and subsequent videos of Stevenson and others voicing their outrage about how the situation was handled have since gone viral with some commentators advising her to sue the church opened by Potter’s House founder, Bishop T.D. Jakes, in 2013. Read Pastor Winfield’s response and watch the videos below:

An unfortunate situation ensued between a former volunteer and church leadership, prior to service on Sunday, March 25.

The incident captured partly on video and posted on Facebook gives a partial but incomplete reflection of all of the issues involved.

The Potter’s House of Fort Worth like most churches, welcomes and cherishes all of its volunteers who are the life’s blood of the organization.

When those in service are removed, we expect for that process to occur privately to protect the dignity of all involved.

Unfortunately, that did not occur in this case. An incident report was made with the proper authorities at the time including the Fort Worth Police Department. A full investigation is underway.

While the facts are sorted by an independent third party, the TPHFW security personnel involved will be placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

The safety and well-being of the Potter’s House of Fort Worth community is our utmost concern. Please continue to pray for our church leadership and for all who serve and worship here.

Pastor Patrick E Winfield II