#NotMe: Academy President John Bailey Says Inappropriate Touching On Movie Set “Did Not Happen”

John Bailey (Getty Images)
John Bailey (Getty Images)

Academy President John Bailey sent a memo to members of the film Academy staff on Friday, in his first response to the sexual harassment allegations against him.

“There was a single named complaint regarding an allegation dating back more than a decade ago in which I am alleged to have to attempted to touch a woman inappropriately while we were both riding in a transport van on a movie set,” Bailey said in the memo, the text of which was obtained by Vanity Fair. “That did not happen.”

Bailey, a cinematographer elected Academy president in August, became the first test case for the industry group’s new policies on member misconduct on March 14, after allegations came into the Academy’s membership hotline. Variety, which broke the story, reported that there were three allegations, but in his memo, Bailey claimed that was not true. “The media reports describing multiple complaints made to the Academy about me are false and have served only to tarnish my 50-year career,” Bailey said in the memo. “The fact that the existence of an allegation even became public thwarts the confidential review process that the Academy adopted and is supposed to follow when receiving complaints.”

Neither Bailey’s agent nor his attorney have responded to Vanity Fair’s calls for comment.

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