Black Church in New Jersey Gets Active Shooter Training from Homeland Security Department

As hundreds of thousands of people rallied for gun reform on Saturday, some people in Gloucester County, NJ, spent the day finding out what to do in the event of a shooting.

Members of New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security were at Bethel AME Woodbury Church to give vital information.

The issue hits home for churches in light of a shooting at a church in Charleston where nine people were killed.

The trainers used actual footage from incidents like the mass shooting in Las Vegas, where a gunman opened fire from a 32nd-floor hotel room, killing 58 people and wounding 851 others – many as they were on the ground.

“Body laying down is a big target,” said Edwin Moore of Homeland Security. “You always want to keep above on your feet, try to move away and try to get to cover if you can. But keep moving. Moving targets are hard to hit.”

They also used footage from a café in Paris where a terrorist was shooting people outside in 2015. They emphasized how important it was for patrons to take cover behind the bar or run downstairs to the basement.

“That’s good cover. Get out of there and going downstairs is even better because you’re out of sight, out of mind, and out of the way of the shooter,” said Moore.

The event was organized by the pastor of the church and the Gloucester County NAACP.

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SOURCE: Dann Cuellar