WATCH: Greyhound Passengers ‘Mutiny’ When Bus Driver Keeps Falling Asleep at the Wheel

At some point on the 20-plus-hour bus trip between Phoenix and Dallas, passengers’ attention turned from the Southwestern scenery to what was going on in the driver’s seat.

“The bus was leaning a little bit,” Philip Hurd told CBS-11 on Thursday, after he and nearly four-dozen others had reached the safety of the downtown Dallas Greyhound terminal.

Hurd swayed back and forth, imitating the bus. “That’s when people really started to get, you know, worried.”

Only the driver seemed unconcerned by her driving, passengers told the station.

“We saw her going like this, and just dozing off,” Jasmine McClellan said, sinking her head and then jerking it up like a student half-sleeping in class. “I politely asked her four times to pull over.”

As the bus sped and wobbled toward Dallas, McClellan said, politeness eventually had to go out the window.

“It got to the point we had to raise our voice. ‘Pull over! We have children on this bus!’ ” she said. “She’d be going over the white line, and everyone would be like, ‘Wake up!’ ”

Instead of pulling over, McClellan said, the driver tried to ward off sleep by jabbing herself in the face with a pair of tweezers.

Finally, what CBS called a “mutiny” took place on the Greyhound. It was partially captured on video.

A man got out of his seat and stood directly behind the driver, clapping his hands above her head as he screamed: “You should have stopped when you were swerving! You should have stopped when you were swerving!”

Still not willing to pull over, passengers told CBS that the driver stood up while the bus was still moving to argue with the man.

“So get off the bus,” she said in the video.

“I bet I don’t,” the man said.

“You’re doing too much.”

“No, you’re doing too much.”

The man then turned around and asked the other passengers who — he or the driver — was doing too much at that moment.

“She is!” a chorus replied.

With his popular authority established, the man then ordered the driver to report her exhaustion. “Call them,” he said. “Call them right now!”

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SOURCE: Avi Selk 
The Washington Post