Texas Police Officer Caught On Camera Punching Black Man Who Was Waiting for his Mother to Pick him Up from the Hospital

An indicted Fort Worth, TX, police officer punched a patient who had just been discharged from the hospital after the man called him “bro,” according to videos of the incident obtained by NBC 5.

Officer Jon Romer has been charged with official oppression, making a false report to police and lying to a grand jury, after the November 2016 arrest of Henry Newson.

Several videos obtained by NBC 5 show security officers at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital tracking Newson with surveillance cameras.

Newson, who was 20 at the time, had just spent two days in the hospital after being treated for a stomach ailment and was waiting in the lobby for his mother to pick him up.

“I’m just trying to figure out what you’re doing,” a security officer asked him.

Newson said he was waiting for a ride from his mother.

The conversation escalated as the officer continued to question him.

Romer, who was working private security for the hospital at the time, approached moments later and immediately confronted Newson, video shows.

“Hey get off the phone. Shut up. Get off the phone. Let’s go,” Romer is heard saying in the video.

The officer then places his hand on Newson’s chest and pushes him backward, seeming to take offense when Newson called him “bro.”

“Bro?” Romer asks before he punches Newson in the face, grabs him around the neck, and forces him to the ground.

Hospital security officers can then be seen piling on, surveillance video shows.

Newson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. He spent two days in jail.

He is now suing the city and the hospital.

“He doesn’t resist, he doesn’t fight back,” said Newson’s attorney, Matthew Bobo. “It was fast. It was violent and there was nothing that would have indicated that that should have happened or was going to happen. But it happened immediately. And there was no provocation by Mr. Newson.”

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SOURCE: Scott Gordon