Black Man Says he Was Kicked Off Flight After Passenger Complained About the Two Guns On his Shirt

Justin Mallory
Justin Mallory

He makes a living with his skateboard and his brand, but this month Justin Mallory said that’s exactly what got him in trouble.

Mallory told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon he was kicked off a flight out of Atlanta because of his business logo on his shirt which features guns.

“I was flabbergasted. I was taken aback,” Mallory said.

The professional skateboarder said he was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight because of the logo.

“The shirt is just a graphic,” Mallory told Wilfon.

He said the airline said the shirt made another passenger uncomfortable.

Mallory’s lawyer, Mawuli Davis, calls it discrimination.

“The shirt, some would say he’s dressed in a hip-hop fashion, and he’s African-American. Those three things may have all contributed to the discrimination and profiling against him,” Davis said.

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SOURCE: Justin Wilfon
WSB-TV 2 / Atlanta