NAACP Office in Loudoun, VA Accuses President Trump of Being Silent Regarding Bombings in Austin Because Most of the Bombs Have Struck Blacks and Latinos

President Donald Trump has been criticized for his silence over the Austin bombings, where most of the victims have come from Austin’s historically black and Latino neighborhoods.

Unlike other attacks, such as the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, which Trump was quick to label an act of terrorism, the president has remained silent about the Austin bombs.

The NAACP office in Loudoun, Virginia tweeted: ‘Can you imagine bombings occurring in McClean, Georgetown, Loudoun or Tyson’s killing and injuring white people and any suspicion of it being a person of color or Muslim.  

‘The National Media, namely Fox News, and the Tweeter in Chief would be apoplectic.’

Film producer and Democrat Party activist Adam Best demanded to know whether the attacks were being ignored ‘because the victims have been people of color so far?’

‘Why hasn’t Donald Trump tweeted or made a statement? This is the 4th bombing in Austin, a metro area of 2M people.

‘Because it’s a progressive city? Because he’s too busy covering his own ass? Austin needs national support!’

Journalist and Rolling Stone magazine contributor Jamil Smith added: ‘Terrorism is what is happening in Austin, Texas right now. Given the race of the victims thus far and his own willful ignorance of extremist violence, I don’t really care if @POTUS says anything. I just hope he doesn’t impede matters, as he is wont to do.’

The latest blast occurred at around 8.30pm on Sunday in a southwestern Austin residential neighborhood known as Travis Country.

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Source: Daily Mail