Delta Air Lines Misroutes Puppies on Cross-country Flight

An Idaho man says his new 8-week-old puppy appears happy and healthy despite being flown across the country to the wrong airport — landing in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City before finally arriving in his arms Sunday.

Owner Josh Schlaich had vented his frustration with Delta Air Lines on Facebook when the white and brindle puppy failed to arrive Saturday as scheduled and he was unable to get any answers by phone.

According to Delta, the dog left Richmond, Virginia, and was due to fly into Boise on Saturday evening, connecting in Detroit and Minneapolis. But Delta says there was a mixup somewhere between Richmond and Boise — and Schlaich actually received the wrong puppy when he arrived at the airport. Delta is investigating to determine where and how the mixup happened.

When Schlaich realized that his dog was missing, he started working with Delta officials to track down his puppy.

Schlaich’s dog ended up spending Saturday night in a kennel in Detroit. Sunday morning, the puppy was flown to Minneapolis — but then Delta said it “misrouted” the puppy and it ended up in Las Vegas. The puppy was then put on a plane to Salt Lake City, finally making it to Boise on Sunday night.

Delta said the puppy was given food and water and let out of its crate periodically throughout the journey.

In his Facebook post, Schlaich said he received a call from someone at the Delta terminal in Detroit about his dog’s whereabouts, but then he got the runaround.

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SOURCE: CNN, Melissa Gray and Marlena Baldacci