Spare Clothes Hung on Streets of France to Help the Homeless

In an effort to help the homeless population, a French organization is urging people to hang up their spare clothes outdoors.

The organization, called Force Comm’UNE, launched their efforts in Cergy, a suburb of Paris. They’re hoping that people will leave out warm clothing, such as pants or jackets.

Those participating are asked to put the clothes on hangers and put a waterproof cover over the items, according The Observers. People can also leave notes, such as “I’m not lost, I’m for you if you’re cold,” to explain why the clothing is left outside.

The same idea has also been rolled out in other Parisian cities and in countries around the globe. In Greensboro, North Carolina, a ministry designated a fence to be used for an area to hang up clothes for those in need. They dubbed their effort “Project Warmth,” WFMY reports.

“We have a fence and we created a banner and all of a sudden it took off,” Mike Murray, director of 16 Cents Ministry, told WFMY. “It amazes me because I drive by here frequently and there will be one item on there and then we turn around and come back and there will be 15 items on there.”

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Janissa Delzo