TBN to Track the Global Impact of Christianity in Upcoming Docuseries ‘The State of Faith’

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is venturing out on an ambitious task for a new docuseries by traveling to 20 regions in the world to track the global impact of Christianity.

Filming began last week for what TBN describes as an “unprecedented documentary” series, “The State of Faith.”

“The State of Faith” will air in January 2020. The network will document their travels across 20 key regions capturing footage and interviews with different influential leaders in the faith, as well as tracing the historical footsteps of where the disciples of Jesus traveled to share the Gospel which has multiplied to more than 2 billion believers worldwide.

“Visually, this is going to be ‘Blue Planet’ meets National Geographic’s ‘The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,'” TBN’s Chairman Matt Crouch said in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

“The State of Faith” will air across multiple platforms over 12 months and represent more than 50 hours of broadcast content consisting of remote programing, live broadcasts and edited packages. By the time it runs on the network the series would have accumulated three-and-a-half years of content fueled by research from Museum of the Bible scholars.

“We aim to reveal the impact Christians and the message of hope and grace have had over generations — from the biggest cities in the world to the most remote villages,” Crouch continued. “The Gospel went from being spread on foot by Jesus and His disciples to being sent out at light speed to all four corners of the globe via satellite. That’s a truly remarkable story worth telling!”

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Source: Christian Post