Michigan’s Mo Wagner Stops Mid-celebration to Comfort Houston’s Heartbroken Corey Davis

At a time when his teammates were celebrating the buzzer-beating 3-pointer that kept their season alive and sent them to the Sweet 16, Michigan’s Moritz Wagner took the time to console a heartbroken opposing player.

He halted his celebratory run around the court to put his arm around Houston guard Corey Davis and offer him some encouragement.

Sixth-seeded Houston was brokenhearted after Michigan’s 64-63 second-round NCAA tournament victory because the Cougars felt they had the game won only moments earlier. They were ahead by two with 3.8 seconds to go in the game and forward Devin Davis heading to the foul line for two free throws.

Davis, a 67.1 percent free throw shooter, missed both. Wagner grabbed the rebound and called timeout. That set up a length-of-the-floor play that ended with reserve guard Jordan Poole burying the go-ahead 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Houston players were devastated, none more than Devin Davis after sinking his first eight free throws yet going 1-for-4 in the final 30 seconds. Davis lingered on the court alone with his thoughts long after the rest of his teammates had left the arena.

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SOURCE: Jeff Eisenberg
The Dagger / Yahoo! Sports