Denver Fire Department Celebrates First Black Female Engineer, Twannia Clark

Twannia Clark
Twannia Clark

Women continue to break down barriers each and everyday. One Denver firefighter is writing her own chapter in the city’s history books.

In the more than 150 year history of the Denver Fire Department, there’s never been an African American female engineer. Twannia Clark is now the first African American woman to hold the position.

“Previously it was known as a man’s job, but I think woman are learning this is an option for them also,” Twannia Clark said. “It means the world,Ii want to encourage other young black females to become firefighters it’s a great job and they should explore that as an option in their lives.”

As an engineer you have two jobs, to drive the truck to and from the site and get water to the fire once you’re there.

Clark says people don’t usually realize all the math that’s involved when it comes to being a fire department engineer.

“I don’t think they realize all the calculations you have to do to get the right amount of water on the fire,” Clark said.

Clark said she didn’t know she wanted to be a fire fighter all her life. She was approached about the job by a fire fighter at a church event a while back and decided to try it out.

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