Kevin Durant Out for a Couple of Weeks With Fractured Rib

The injury bug is hitting the Warriors hard — not with anything that seems like it will last into the playoffs, but it’s still a concern.

Stephen Curry (ankle) and Klay Thompson (fractured thumb), Draymond Green is just returning to the rotation (along with David West and Jordan Bell), and now this — Kevin Durant is going to be out a couple of weeks.

Injury update: Kevin Durant underwent an MRI today that revealed an incomplete rib cartilage fracture. He will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

— Warriors PR (@WarriorsPR) March 17, 2018

What incomplete means is it is nondisplaced, or to use the slang it is a cracked rib. The bone was not moved out of place and does not need to be reset.

As feared, Kevin Durant (rib fracture) will be out for a couple weeks. Should be fine long before the playoffs. ‘It hurts when I laugh.’

— Monte Poole (@MontePooleNBCS) March 17, 2018

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SOURCE: NBC Sports, Kurt Helin