Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Is Being Accused of Starting a ‘Gay Cure Cult’ With Ties to Exodus International Where Some Boys Were Allegedly Taken Advantage Of

(Photo: David Surowiecki/Getty Images for eOne)

After reports of a “gay cure” therapist’s suspension for sexually engaging with patients, a Twitter user has accused gospel singer and minister Donnie McClurkin Jr. of having ties to Exodus International, a homosexual conversion organization with a disturbing history of sexual abuse allegations.

The individual claimed his mother enrolled him in Exodus years ago, and McClurkin had “formed a religious gay cure cult” via the organization.

“The dudes that ran it took advantage of us,” he wrote in the first series of now-viral tweets. “I lost my virginity in gay cure therapy.”

He went on explaining that the organizers kicked him out after he told his parents about the abuse and that he “resisted God’s help.” Fortunately, he said, he’d never experienced some of the organization’s alleged inhumane treatments for “victims” of homosexuality, such as electric shock therapy. However, the trauma suffered from sexual and mental abuse still lingers, he said.

McClurkin nor his team have made official statements regarding the accusations yet.

In the meantime, read what the alleged former patient had to say about the organization below.

SOURCE: BET – Diamond Alexis