Japan Unveils New Shinkansen Supreme Train

New Shinkansen train: Central Japan Railway Co. revealed its Shinkansen N700S — or Shinkansen Supreme — model, which will officially debut in 2020. Test runs begin this month.

N700S: In addition to its new elegant golden Supreme logo, the N700S series boasts a number of technological advancements.

New look: Compared to the boxier N700A, the new Supreme series will have a sharper nose. This will reduce noise when entering tunnels and lessen air resistance.

Green car: Passengers traveling on Green Cars — first-class cars — will enjoy 15% more legroom.

New seats: The remodeled passenger seats will each have their own power sockets for electronic devices.

Thoughtful designs: Other thoughtful new designs include illuminating head compartments that light up when the train approaches the station to remind passengers to collect their belongings.