Family Raises $690 for Hurricane Harvey Relief After Bible Lesson on Parable of the Talents at Oregon Church

A hands-on Bible lesson took on a life of its own for 10-year-old Dallas Claytor after attending Sunday services with his parents and sister.

Young Dallas heard pastor Keith Evans of Pathway Church in Gresham, Ore., preach about the parable of the talents. Evans used unmarked envelopes of money to hand out to unsuspecting volunteers during the sermon in denominations of $10, $20 and $50 each. He then asked each recipient to use the money to bless or encourage someone in coming days.

“I got the envelope with $50 in it,” Claytor said. “The pastor wanted us to multiply the money and make God proud. I was shocked.”

Pamela and Erick Claytor, the boy’s parents, realized it was the first time he had seen a $50 bill.

“We were left on our own to make a decision about what to do with the money,” Claytor said. “Our family talked about it and I knew about Hurricane Harvey and heard about people that were killed and whose houses had flooded. So we came up with the idea to raise money for that.”

The fourth grader set about his project with an entrepreneurial spirit that he had used in other fundraising efforts for school and sporting events.

“I like candy and have sold things at my school,” Claytor said. “All people like candy, so we went to Cash and Carry and spent $50 all at once on an assortment of Hershey bars. My sister Aspen and I made labels that my dad copied for me and we glued them on each candy bar.”

The labels had such monikers as “We’re praying for Texas,” and Claytor decided to sell each candy bar for $2, He and his parents first went door to door in his neighborhood, explaining at every home what he was doing and why. They found people generous, with some giving extra to the effort. The young man then encouraged fellow Pathway attenders to join his mission to help those left in the wake of the hurricane.

“I asked if I could set up a table in our church lobby and then made a poster with pictures of the hurricane damage to sell the rest of the candy,” Claytor said. “I was able to bring in $690, which much more than doubled the money I was given.”

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Source: Baptist Press