Even With a Letter From ‘Jesus Christ,’ Oprah Still Won’t Run; BCNN1 Predicts Oprah Will Never Run for President

Jesus Christ, who lives in Maine, says she didn’t know Oprah Winfrey was asking for a sign from God about running for president when she sent a letter to the television magnate.

WGME-TV reports 83-year-old Jesus Christ in northern Waterboro says she began a letter writing campaign 50 years ago to spread a message of faith and peace after legally changing her name. Christ says she sent the letter to Oprah because she likes her but had no idea it would get so much attention.

Television anchor Gayle King posted about the letter to Oprah on her Instagram on Wednesday, asking if it was the sign her best friend was looking for.

Christ says if Oprah runs for president, she’ll vote for her.

For several months now, Oprah Winfrey has been floated as a possible presidential candidate in the near future. While she and her associates have denied any such plans, speculation and enthusiasm was stirred anew with the speech she gave while accepting the Cecile B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

While many would love to see “Oprah for President” become a reality, there are three reasons why the Queen of All Media will never run for public office.

1. Oprah is too spiritual. She is a saved, born-again Christian who understands that America’s problems are deeply spiritual — not political. She knows that politics won’t solve the issues facing our country. Oprah sees her role as one of influencing people — spiritually and mentally, not serving people in a political/governmental capacity.

2. Oprah is too smart to put her name, her brand, and her reputation through the gauntlet of a political campaign. She does not have that much ambition, nor the time left on this earth, to jump into politics now.

3. Oprah is too sane to go up against a macho, masculine personality such as President Trump. She knows it would be a nightmare. She also understands that men and women want a person of strength in that position, even if that person is not as moral as they should be.

Now, on the other hand, Oprah’s friend Tyler Perry has the personality, vigor, and youthfulness to run for president (even though Barack Obama may have messed up the future presidential prospects of black male politicians because of his promotion of the homosexual agenda and failure to help black people when he had a chance). Frankly, none of the possible presidential contenders on the Democratic side have what it takes to successfully go up against Trump.

–BCNN1 Editors

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Source: MSN