70-Y-O Christian Woman Thanks God and Church for ‘Miracles’ After Losing Belongings in Fire

A 70-year-old great-great-grandmother from North Carolina who overcame addiction, sexual assault and five suicide attempts to graduate from college for the first time last spring, is now thanking God for “miracles” after she lost all her belongings in a fire last Thursday.

Thanks to help from her church family Shirley Fuller, who received her associate degree in applied science in business administration from North Carolina’s Wake Technical Community College last May, says she now has more than enough clothes to wear after the fire left her with just the clothes she had on her back.

“God’s been good,” Fuller told ABC 11. “(The closet is) full, it’s packed. But it’s still more coming.”

Fuller, who is getting ready to graduate with a second degree from Wake Tech in criminal justice this May, described how the fire that destroyed four units at her apartment complex swallowed up her home.

“I’m looking at this fire climbing the walls like its got feet,” she said.

“I was in shock this morning, just seeing all this black smoke. I had to come out because the smoke was so thick. The smoke was as black as my shoes. I’m not only homeless, but all I have is the clothes on my back,” she explained at the time of the fire.

She is now staying in a temporary Red Cross-funded housing at a Capital Boulevard hotel.

Despite her loss in the fire, the former paralegal who battled the desire to end her life five times and harbors dreams of attending law school, said she has no plans to allow a fire to stop her from getting her second degree.

“God has always been there for me,” she told ABC 11. “And I refuse to not believe that he’s gonna be here for me now.”

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Source: Christian Post