I Have to Talk About Billy Graham by Eric Metaxas and David Carlson

I was out of the country when Billy Graham died, so I did not get to tell you my thoughts about this amazing man of God. But if I keep silent, the stones may cry out. It was one of the greatest trips of my life. Just last month I visited Jerusalem. I prayed at the wailing wall, I saw the stones that Jesus walked on on His way to the temple.

I also visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre—which is revered as the site where Jesus was crucified, laid in the tomb, and rose from the dead.

And while I was in the church I learned of the death of Billy Graham—who may have directly led more people to faith in the Risen Lord than any man in the history of the world.

It was a solemn, awesome moment for me.

Chances are that the vast majority of you listening to or reading BreakPoint have a Billy Graham story of your own. Here is mine.

I never got to meet Billy Graham in person. But if I hadn’t stepped away from the faith while I was at Yale, I would have met him. At one point I belonged to a Christian group on campus. But my doubts and other interests intervened, and I stopped going the very semester that Billy Graham came to campus to speak at Battel Chapel. Hours before his talk, I was amazed to see Billy Graham walk into the Calhoun Dining Hall where I was eating. He then went into a private dining room to meet with the entire Christian group I’d abandoned!

I was stunned. If I hadn’t left the group, I would have had dinner with Billy Graham! And all these years of not meeting him, I kind of felt like Moses not being allowed into the Promised Land.

But it’s been one way that God showed me that our disobedience has consequences.

While it’s true I never got to meet Billy on this side of the veil, I did hear him speak in Central Park in 1990 and again at his New York City crusade in 2005. For that, I’m very grateful.

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Source: Christian Post