Iraqi Christian Family Stabbed to Death in Targeted Attack

An Iraqi Christian family of three was stabbed to death in their Baghdad home last week by a group of armed men in what is a continuing trend of persecution against the town’s Christian community.

International Christian Concern announced in a press release Tuesday that the bodies of Dr. Hisham Shafiq al-Maskuni, his wife, Dr. Shaza Malik, and his mother, Khairiya Dawood, were discovered in their home last Friday.

ICC, a leading U.S.-based persecution watchdog group, notes that an initial investigation found that all three family members died from stab wounds. In addition, the assailants stole valuables from their home.

“I cannot believe that he passed away in such a terrible way,” an unnamed doctor and colleague of Shafiq’s told ICC. “I once heard Hisham say how people in his neighborhood are giving him hard times because they are trying to take his house and buy it. [I think] probably the killer was trying to threaten him and when Hisham recognized who he is, the killer decided to kill him and the rest of the family.”

According to World Watch Monitor, the victims’ bodies were discovered by neighbors the next morning. Shafiq was a 61-year-old radiologist, while his wife was a gynaecologist. They both reportedly worked at the same nuns’ hospital in Baghdad.

A source told Kurdistan24 that at least four men with knives stormed the home in the predominantly Shia eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Mashtal. It is believed that Shafiq was the target of the attack and that his wife and mother were killed when they intervened.

Saad Maan, a spokesperson for Iraq’s Interior Ministry, announced on Saturday that the authorities have arrested the assailants responsible for the killing, according to state-run media outlet.

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Source: Christian Post